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The certification process is supported by the CSC Sustainable Concrete Toolbox which is available under the following link:

The toolbox ensures that clients and certification bodies can carry out their certification process in an efficient and user friendly way. The toolbox is regularly improved, so feedback is welcome.


The toolbox offers three modules on the way to a CSC certification:

  • Quickscan, rough estimate of a project. The use of the Quickscan is free of charge.

  • Pre-assessment, self assessment of a certification project. The Pre-assessment requires the registration of an user account. Entered data can be transferred to the Assessment

  • Assessment, scoring, uploading of evidence & submission. The Assessment requires the  registration of an user account.

The entire CSC certification process is managed within the tool, see The Certification Process

For the English version of the instruction manual of the CSC toolbox: CSC Toolbox Manual