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Twelve Dyckerhoff Basal plants score CSC Gold

Kiwa has awarded twelve CSC Gold certificates to the twelve concrete plants of Dyckerhoff- Basal in the Netherlands. The twelve plants had already been awarded CSC Silver back in April 2018. But they obviously decided to go one step further.

The awards ceremony took place on the July 18 2019. At the ceremony André van Maris, KVM-manager with Dyckerhoff-Basal, said: 'When Dutch certification system "BetonBewust' went international (and merged with CSC), we immediately applied and strove to score as high as possible. At that moment in time CSC Silver was as high as we could go. But last year we worked as hard as we could to turn silver into gold by making our production even more sustainable. We also motivated our suppliers to improve their sustainability. The leap to CSC Gold was achieved together with our suppliers."

  Joost Korthof (Kiwa), Andre van Maris (Dyckerhoff-Basal) en Paul Ewalds (Betonhuis-Betonmortel)
Twelve plants jump from Silver to Gold within a year.
(From left to right:) Joost Korthof (Kiwa), André van Maris (Dyckerhoff-Basal)
and Paul Ewalds (Betonhuis Betonmortel) with the CSC Gold certificate.