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Implementation of CSC-certification in Latin America is well on track

Supported by the Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme of the One Planet network, the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) is continuing its project that aims at empowering small and medium-sized concrete producers in Latin America to make concrete more sustainable by means of education and by promoting and implementing CSC-certification. 

ASOCRETO, the CSC’s local project partner recently organized a number of communication, promotion and educational events in Colombia, Panamá and Costa Rica targeting at providing authorities, ready-mixed concrete producers and Green Building Councils with information on the benefits of CSC certification. The exchange with local stakeholders helped identifying business opportunities for CSC certified concrete and opportunities to initiate and further develop cooperations. ASOCRETO also presented its study on informality in construction conducted in 2018 as part of the project supported by the Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme of the One Planet network. 

Informality in construction is indeed one of the main challenges in Latin America that needs to be addressed to secure progress in sustainability related matters. The informality study also showed that industrialization in concrete production in Latin America is a lever to cut emissions in a significant manner, and that CSC certification can help achieving this.
Finally, in February and March 2019, two Cemex concrete plants – one in Panamá and one in Colombia – successfully received CSC certification at the level Bronze as the first plants in Latin America. More good news is expected as further companies are getting started!