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Gorazdze Beton earns CSC certification as the first concrete producer in Poland

CSC-Audit at the Górażdże Beton ready-mixed concrete plant Krakow

Górażdże Beton Sp. z o.o., a leading ready-mixed concrete producer in Poland and part of the HeidelbergCement Group was recently awarded with CSC certification at the level SILVER for its ready mixed concrete plants in Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

The certification result confirms that Górażdże Beton produces concrete in a responsible manner by applying very high ecological and social standards, and by implementing appropriate management systems.

Artur Golda, member of the Managing Board of Górażdże Beton Sp. z o.o.: "CSC certification of responsibly sourced concrete provides the Polish ready-mixed concrete industry with the unique opportunity to increase the transparency of concrete production, including the supply chain. Undergoing CSC certification allows us to highlight the sustainability properties of concrete and to contribute to the acknowledgement of this unique construction material in our society. We are very proud of being the first concrete producer in Poland obtaining CSC certification as this confirms our serious efforts in sustainability."

The certification process comprises a comprehensive examination of the submitted documentation and a plant audit. “Thanks to the excellent preparation of our customer it was possible to perform the certification process quickly and in a very efficient manner” confirms Ron Leppers, Director at SGS INTRON B.V.. “We would like to congratulate Górażdże Beton for their dedication and their exemplary sustainability performance. As the certification body in charge of auditing the first CSC certification process in Poland we are happy to see that Górażdże Beton Sp. z o.o. successfully achieved CSC certification at the level SILVER at the first attempt.”