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Fruitful discussions with external stakeholders

On September 25th and 26th a group of external stakeholders met with the Technical Committee of the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC). The two-day workshop was hosted by CSC founding member CRH at its Amsterdam office in the Netherlands.

In an atmosphere that participants described as very constructive, representatives from environmental NGOs (including Birdlife International, Bellona, IUCN, WWF, FFI), academia as well as indigenous peoples’ rights organizations and labor unions (IG BCE and IG BAU) provided valuable feedback on the CSC Technical Manual that will help improve further the relevance and credibility of CSC-certification for responsibly sourced concrete. In addition the external stakeholders also proactively came up with ideas how to further promote this certification; as many of them believe that the CSC could play an important role in making the concrete supply chain even more sustainable, they suggested that, for example, NGOs could raise awareness and thus help create a market pull.The CSC Technical Committee is currently analyzing the feedback received and will soon publish a detailed document with all comments received and how these will be implemented in the Technical Manual.