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First CSC-recertification in Germany: Heidelberger Beton successfully renewals its CSC-certification in the Kurpfalz Region

Heidelberger Beton’s production sites in Mannheim, Eppelheim, Gondelsheim, Wiesental and Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, all located in Germany’s Kurpfalz Region, recently achieved CSC-recertification at the level “Gold”.

The certificates were issued by VDZ-cert, a CSC accredited Certification Body.

Alexander Humbert, Area Manager Heidelberger Beton Kurpfalz/Karlsruhe: “We are proud to continue implementing our sustainability agenda and producing CSC-certified concrete is an important element in this. Since our first CSC certification in December 2017, we were able to continuously increase the use of CSC certified cement and aggregates in our concrete production. This was rewarded by achieving the first CSC certificate upgrades at the level “Gold” in Germany in April 2018. CSC certification allows us to gain a holistic understanding of our sustainability performance. We recently implemented several energy savings measures which helped us to bring our CSC scoring to the next level.”