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Dyckerhoff Basal wins Betonprijs 2019


Dyckerhoff Basal, the Dutch division of CSC member Dyckerhoff, has won the prestigious Dutch Betonprijs (concrete award) 2019 in the new category "Grensverleggend" (groundbreaking).

Dyckerhoff Basal won the award for the new regional offices of Natuurmonumenten (Dutch natural conservation organisation), built in Zierikzee, province of Zeeland. The award was presented during the Betondag event on November 14, at the iconic Van Nelle Fabriek near Rotterdam, used for the first time as a venue for a Betondag.

In the construction of the regional offices in Zierikzee, Dyckerhoff Basal pioneered the use of a specific isolating type of concrete known as 'glasschuimbeton' (glass foam concrete). This concrete combines tension strength, isolating properties and building physics in one material.  

The other new category for the Betonprijs was "Circulair", which of course refers to the concept of circulair building. This was awarded to a viaduct in Dronten, province of Flevoland. According to the jury 'among the very first times a company really made a circulair design'.

Older prize categories are "Bestaande bouw" (pre-existing builds), "Civiele bouwwerken" (civil engineering), "Utiliteitsbouw" (utility construction) and "Woningbouw" (housing). There was also a "Future Promise Prize", awarded by engineering students.