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DGNB recognizes CSC Version 2.0

The DGNB as the leading German certification system for sustainable construction has recognized the new CSC Version 2.0 for the DGNB criteria "Sustainable resource extraction"

The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) has accepted CSC Gold and Silver certified concrete as eligible to score points in the DGNB environmental criteria ENV1.3 "Sustainable Resource extraction" for the quality level 1.2.

With this, concrete carrying the CSC certificate in Gold or Silver can directly contribute to the performance of sustainable buildings, helping customers to obtain better DGNB certificates.

The DGNB recognition of the CSC Version 2.0 follows the previous recognition of the CSC Version 1.0, which the DGNB had approved on a temporary basis and with certain recommendations for further development. The renewal of the approval shows the fruitful interaction between a key label for sustainable construction and the CSC as a dedicated material system for responsibly sourced concrete.

Dr. Anna Braune, Director Research & Development @ DGNB: "We are happy having the CSC on board of the DGNB accepted standards for ‘Sustainable resource extraction’ again, the more since the CSC has successfully implemented our recommendations. The commitment of the CSC is an important step to further develop sustainability in the concrete sector."

Michael Scharpf, Chair of the CSC Technical Committee: "Extending the DGNB recognition for the CSC Version 2 was an intensive piece of work. The DGNB and various external stakeholders provided a very valuable guidance. We took this feedback serious, and so we are quite proud of our today's CSC Version 2.0."

This is the link to the DGNB webpage with all recognized material systems: