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De Goudse Betonmortel Centrale first to be certified on the new R-module of CSC in the Netherlands

The Goudse Betonmortelcentrale is expanding by scoring the new R-module on top of the CSC gold certificate.

A first, because the Goudse Betonmortel Centrale is the first in the Netherlands to be certified for the R-module, which proves that the certified concrete is made with recycled aggregates. Kiwa awarded the CSC - R label gold certificate to the Goudse Betonmortel Centrale on Thursday 21 January 2021.

The new CSC R-module was introduced in the second half of 2020. Companies that meet all criteria for a CSC silver certificate or higher can further distinguish themselves by demonstrating that the certified concrete has been made with recycled aggregates. This means that points can be taken into account in different building certification systems.

“With the CSC “R” certificate we endorse and give substance to the circular direction of the concrete agreement.” Ruud van Pelt, director of the Goudse Betonmortel Centrale and responsible for the company's sustainability policy, explains. “In order to guarantee the continuity of our company, it is important to properly implement sustainability and circular working and to lead the way where possible. The CSC “R” module is a great opportunity to fulfill the wishes of our stakeholders, governments and developers.” according to Ruud van Pelt.

The CSC R module is expressed by an additional 'R' label added to the CSC certificate. The 'R' label applies only to the recycled aggregate concrete deliveries, which are certified under the R module, and typically not to all concrete delivered from a factory. Remco Kerkhoven - Betonhuis Betonmortel, CSC-NL: “With this improvement of the CSC certificate, responsible material management by concrete suppliers is communicated / recorded at a certified level. The Goudse Betonmortel Centrale is an example plant. In 2008 this plant was closely involved in drawing up a CSR ladder for the industry, later they were one of the first with CSC gold and now they receive the R label on top of that.”

Sustainability and responsible origin are not empty concepts for the Goudse Betonmortel Centrale, according to Theo Klootwijk, certification expert at Kiwa: “At the Goudse Betonmortel Centrale, quality comes first, and reuse, recycling, and responsible production are not unknown to them! It is therefore only logical that the Gouda concrete plant is the first to receive the CSC R-module certificate because they have been working on the necessary points for the R-module for so long. The R module to the CSC certificate is therefore a useful and welcome addition to keep improving the responsible production of concrete.”