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CSC V2.1: Complementary schemes published (Cement Grinding, Aggregate Crusher, Recycled Aggregates)

After launching CSC certification system V2.1 on 4th of January 2021, the following complementary schemes are now also available in V2.1:

  • Cement Grinding

Cement production in cement grinding plants is performed by co-grinding clinker and gypsum in dedicated mills (e.g. ball mills, vertical roller mills), and by possibly using further cementitious materials such as slag, fly ash or limestone. Cement grinding plants are not equipped with a kiln and their cement production consequently depends on (external) clinker supply. Most of the environmental impact of cement production is related to clinker production (e.g. quarrying, emissions) and it is consequently necessary for cement grinding plants undergoing CSC certification to prove that the processed clinker they use is produced in a responsible manner.

  • Aggregate Crusher

 Aggregates are generally extracted from a quarry or a pit and subsequently processed. Pure aggregate crusher plants do not own their own quarry or gravel pit and their aggregate production consequently depends on (external) raw aggregate supply. Some of the relevant environmental impacts of aggregate production is related to raw aggregate production (e.g. quarrying,) and it is consequently necessary for aggregate crusher plants undergoing CSC certification to prove that the raw aggregate they use is quarried in a responsible manner.

  • Recycled Aggregates

Recycling plants are using secondary raw materials for producing sand and aggregates. Main material sources include construction and demolition waste (C&DW), concrete rubble and hardened returned concrete. The processing of these materials into sand and aggregates is similar as of hardrock and includes crushing, sieving and possibly other process steps such as sorting and washing. Unlike traditional aggregate producers,recycling plants do not maintain a quarry.

The respective technical manuals can be downloaded here. For more information on the complementary schemes please refer to chapter 1.1. "CSC Certification System" of the main technical manual.