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CSC opens new “Platinum” certification level: BREEAM recognition at score level 7 successfully achieved

As of today, the Concrete Sustainability Council has made available its extra challenging CSC-certification level “Platinum”. 

The CSC Technical Manual was updated accordingly and can be downloaded here.

As of today, the new CSC 2.0 certification level “Platinum” is also recognized in BREEAM at score level 7. This is the same recognition level as for “FSC 100%” certified wood and the highest level of recognition currently achieved by BREEAM recognized responsible sourcing certification schemes.

BREEAM is one of the most renowned Green Building Label in Europe and beyond and is owned by the British Research Establishment BRE. Many thanks to the BRE for their tough and finally successful assessment!

The scoring of CSC 2.0 certified concrete at the level Bronze (-> score level 4), Silver (-> score level 5) and Gold (-> score level 6) remains unaffected of the opening of CSC certification at the level “Platinum”.

So, continue securing extra points with CSC concrete in your next BREEAM projects!

To access further guidance follow this link towards the BREEAM Guidance Note 18.