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CSC-Certification now available for Dry Mortar Plants

As of today, the Concrete Sustainability Council has made available CSC-certification for “Dry Mortar Plants”.

Dry mortar producing plants can be certified using the concrete system, provided the binder of the dry mortar is based on cement. All criteria of the concrete system also apply when certifying dry mortar plants:

  • Even if water is not part of the production process, it may be needed for cleaning the installation and for other purposes.
  • Similar as with returned concrete, mortar returns to the production plant must be reused as a raw material or contractual arrangements with third parties must be in place that ensure responsible processing of the returned mortar on behalf of the plant.

When registering a project, it is important to indicate that a dry mortar plant is going to be certified. Detailed project registration instructions for dry mortar plants can be obtained via the CSC-Helpdesk or the certification body assigned with the auditing process.