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CSC-Certification for Marine Aggregates: Call for Volunteers to participate in a Pilot Certification Process

The CSC intends to test the feasibility of developing a CSC-certification system for Marine Aggregates.

In this context, the CSC is opening a pilot certification process as of today. Participation in the pilot process will be possible until December 31, 2020:

  • The registration- and certification process, including fees, is the same as for “traditional” CSC certification of aggregate producing sites.
  • Successful participants will obtain a “Pilot Certificate” at the level “Bronze”. The “Pilot Certificate” will be valid until March 31st, 2021.

The pilot certification period will support the CSC and its Advisory Committee in making an informed decision on opening (or not) a CSC certification system for marine aggregates in 2021. The experience reported back from the pilot certification process is intended to eventually feed back into the development work of a robust CSC certification framework for marine aggregates.

Successful participants to the pilot certification process

  • must comply with all prerequisites and achieve at least 35% of the maximum score within the aggregates’ system.
  • must provide, at the latest by Dec. 15, 2020, the CSC with an “Experience Report” addressing the applicability of existing criteria and making proposals for adjustments where suitable in the context of certifying marine aggregates’ operations.
  • will get a discount of one registration right on their follow-up certification – provided the final decision is to implement a certification system for marine aggregates.

For further information please contact Paul Ewalds: