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CSC certification achieves recognition in LEED

We are extremely proud that LEED, a leading green building label operated by the US Green Building Council, is recognizing the CSC certification as verified Company Standards in the Pilot Credit „Social Equity within the Supply Chain”.

The intent of this credit is to create more equitable, healthier environments for those affected by and involved in the production of materials and products, including the stages of raw materials extraction, processing, manufacturing, and assembly of components and products.

Michael Scharpf, Chair of the CSC Technical Committee said: “The recognition by LEED gives us the confidence that we at the CSC have done some things right. LEED certifications have a truly global coverage, and material stewardship for concrete is a global matter which can perfectly support green building ratings like LEED.”

For details regarding the „Social Equity within the Supply Chain” Pilot Credit see here. USGBC members are able to access all technical details including CSC recognition via the Guide.