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CSC approved in Envision

Envision is a US infrastructure certification system developed by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI), located in Washington DC.

The new Envision Version 3 document will include CSC as an example of sustainable certification that would meet the requirements for their procurement credit. This credit RA 1.2 “Support sustainable Procurement Practices” will have the requirement "Third-party verified sustainability program." Recognition by Envision underscores the robustness and credibility of the CSC certification system and at the same time provides additional value for our clients. 

CSC is a global initiative running a responsible sourcing certification system for concrete, cement and aggregate. The system provides insight about to what level a company is operating in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible way. The CSC certification covers raw materials, their source or provenance, the concrete manufacturing process and a range of social and environmental matters. CSC certified companies demonstrate responsible sourcing and the level of sustainability for their concrete including its constituents. The independent certification system awards concrete at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum level. The certificate also applies on aggregates, cement and cementitious materials. The certificate is a weighted average of the scores in the supply chain of the producer and the score of the producer itself. The logical scope of certification is concrete plants, cement plants and quarries and aggregate quarries. The product certified is the concrete supplied from a plant.

Sustainable infrastructure
 Envision is an easy to use, flexible resource that facilitates the development and maintenance of sustainable infrastructure. This sustainable infrastructure rating system is a comprehensive framework of 60 sustainability criteria that address the full range of environmental, social and economic impacts to sustainability in project design, construction and operation. These criteria are arranged in five categories: Quality of life, Leadership, Resource Allocation, Natural World, Climate and Risk. Envision recognizes that sustainable infrastructure isn’t just about doing the project right, it’s also about doing the right project. For this Envision provides a detailed, comprehensive set of criteria that help ensure that all significant areas of impact, as well as stakeholder views are considered. Doing so Envision serves as a basis for a project sustainability evaluation.