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Consortium Grensmaas CSC certified

On October 2 Kiwa awarded CSC Bronze to Consortium Grensmaas. This makes Consortium Grensmaas the first aggregate producer with an CSC certification in the Dutch province of Limburg.

For more than a decade Consortium Grensmaas has been working on a safer Meuse region and the development of a 1000 hectares of nature in Limburg. Last year the 'high water target' was reached. The space voor environmental development has also largely been realised. Both goals are financed with the sustainable quarrying of sand and gravel. 'Working sustainably is in our genes', said Grensmaas CEO Kees van der Veeken after the award ceremony. In 2005 the consortium drew up a declaration in which the goals for nature development and high water targets were incorporated. Besides that the consortium makes good use of quality certification systems. Van Veeken: 'It's no real surprise then, that we score high on safety and the correct use of land and water. The implementation of electrical motors also boosts the sustainable quarrying of sand and gravel.'