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Communications Focus

We want to share the development and success of the Concrete Sustainability Council far and wide. We have re-established our Communication Committee to take on some of the work that is required to do this and to put in place a strategy and plans to help support operators, regional system operators and interested stakeholder holder learn more about what we are doing.

The team cannot do this alone so we are asking for help. If you have any news items, successes, case studies or opinions you would like to share across the CSC community please let us know by following the link below:

Richard Frost who is leading the Communications Committee said "We have a three areas of focus following our first meetings. Firstly to establish a really strong pipeline of articles showing the building momentum of the CSC. Secondly we want to develop a communications toolkit that enables our regional system operators to have resources to easily and quickly promote the CSC in their territories. Finally to create ways to amplify our messages across the industry to ensure that we promote the Sustainability benefits of Concrete"