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How to become a member

When you apply for a CSC certification in the Toolbox you are presented with the option to become a member of the Concrete Sustainability Council. Doing this is not mandatory. You can enter the certification process without being a member. But membership does of course has its benefits. Your organisation will be listed as a member on our website, in our articles, our newsletter, our letters to stakeholders, our presentations and our other communications. You will also receive the CSC Member logo to use on your own communication. You get 15 percent discount on the CSC fees and you become part of the organisation's support group. 

Extra benefits

  • Benefit from a network of national and international experts in the construction industry.
  • Become a member and further develop the CSC Technical Manual which is restricted exclusively to CSC members participating in the Technical Committee.


Membership categories
There are three categories of members:

a) Concrete producers
Enterprises that are producing and selling ready mixed or prefabricated concrete and associations of such enterprises.

b) Suppliers
Enterprises that are producing and selling cement, aggregates or other substantial concrete ingredients and associations of such enterprises.

c) Others
Other organisations, like certification institutes (CI's) and associations of such, or non-profit civil society organisations (CSO's).


Membership fees
The annual membership fees are € 10,000 for companies, € 5,000 for associations and € 5,000 for certification institutes. For civil society organisations there is no fee. The annual membership fee has to be paid within 30 days after invoicing. New members have to pay the pro rata membership fee for the current fiscal year within 30 days after invoicing.If am member has not paid its annual membership fee within 90 days after invoicing the CSC Executive Committee may initiate the expulsion of this member. As a benefit for members, a discount in certification fees may apply.


Code of conduct
The adherence of members to the Concrete Sustainability Council Antitrust Code of Conduct is fundamental to the integrity, credibility and succes of the organisation.A violation of the CSC Code of Conduct may lead to the termination of membership.

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