Concrete Sustainability Council, towards a sustainable, safe, durable and comfortable future

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The CSC Executive Committee is responsible for all CSC activities and stakeholder engagement.

The CSC Technical Committee is responsible for the CSC technical manual, registration and certification process.

The CSC system awards additional innovation points. The CSC Innovation Committee qualifies whether  a process or solution qualifies is innovative at regional and/or global level.

The Advisory Committee advises and gives input to the CSC’s program of work and on potential new areas of focus as well as the structure and content of the CSC certification system. The Committee is conceived as a forum for bringing together representatives of some of the world's leading civil society organisations, academics, and others (such as experts) who provide input, analyse, understand and present ideas on ways to assess and improve the responsible sourcing of concrete through the CSC certification system.

The Communication Committee is responsible for CSC global brand identity and external communications.