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CSC Certification System

The CSC Certification System for Concrete is being issued and maintained by the Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) and applicable globally. In regions with a substantial interest in sustainable concrete certifications, the CSC is implementing and adapting the CSC system in partnership with Regional System Operators.

Scope of certification

The CSC system is a product certification system, which typically applies to all products manufactured and supplied by the plant. Ready-mix concrete plants and precast concrete plants can obtain a ‘CSC certificate’.

Cement and aggregate suppliers can obtain a ‘CSC supplier certificate’. The CSC supplier certificates are being recognized in the CSC concrete certification in the category ‘Chain of custody’.

Content of certification

The plant under certification must fulfill certain prerequisites to obtain a CSC certificate.

  • Prerequisites (all credits starting with an ‘P’), no point can be achieved


The plant under certification can score points in the following categories:

  • Management (all credits starting with an ‘M’)

  • Environmental (all credits starting with an ‘E’)

  • Social  (all credits starting with an ‘S’)

  • Economics  (all credits starting with an ‘B’)

  • Chain of custody (all credits starting with an ‘C’)


Some of the criteria are mandatory for certification levels higher than Bronze (see below).

Scoring & certification levels

The CSC certification system pursues the concept of continuous improvement in the responsible sourcing of concrete. The system offers four levels of certificates, to stimulate the strive for a next higher level.

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Platinum [the Platinum level will be made achievable at a later point in time]

Each level is the result of a weighted scoring, taking into account the individual scores from concrete, cement and aggregates.


A CSC certificate is valid for three years from the day of issuing.

A CSC supplier certificate is valid for three years from the day of issuing.