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Become certified

Companies that want to explore the content of CSC can use the free Quick Scan in the Toolbox. Registration for the Quick Scan is not necessary. You create an account in the Toolbox with the quick link to CSC Toolbox.
NOTE: when performing the Quick Scan, choose the correct system (cement, aggregates or concrete).

Companies must register with CSC once to gain access to the further content of the CSC Toolbox.

  1. You create an account in the Toolbox of the system at quick link to CSC Toolbox. The CSC Toolbox provides a free quick test (duration approx. 20 minutes) of all CSC criteria. It provides information on whether and how a company or plant is likely to be certified.
  2. You require a license (a number of certification rights) for the Toolbox and submit a certification application. This is called "project registration". It is not only an administrative step, but also important insofar as the scope of certification is set here.
  3. You prepare your certification. To this end, you or a person commissioned by you upload evidence into the Toolbox and supplement any explanations. After completing the system and uploading your evidence, your score will be calculated.
  4. To perform an assessment you select a certification institute. This can be done before or after the project registration. The certification institute appoints an auditor for the project. The customer must agree with the certification institute on the costs of the audit.
  5. You can constantly improve the quality of your evidence. When this process is completed, the audit report is generated and the project file is frozen. An independent CSC auditor reviews the report.
  6. Finally, the certification institute reviews the work of the auditor and determines whether additional inspection is required. The minimum number of occurrences equals 0.7 times the square root of the number of works included in the scope.
  7. If the certification institute is satisfied with the content and quality of the report, the certificate is issued.

To maintain the certification standard, it must be updated regularly. This also enables the customer to improve his operational operations with respect to the certification standard and thereby its classification. To maintain the certification standard, it must be updated annually. A new certification will be necessary after three years.