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The Concrete Sustainability Council expresses its appreciation to all persons involved in the development of the first version of the CSC-certification system launched in January 2017.

This new update of the certification system, Version 2.0, was once again developed in a collaborative approach

Main contributors include:


  • CEMEX, represented by Alexander Röder

  • CRH, represented by Karl Downey, Richard Frost, and Diego Santamaria

  • HeidelbergCement, represented by Christian Artelt, Hartmut Drescher, Bernd Haegermann, Carolyne Jewell, Nora Lambrecht and Rob van der Meer

  • LafargeHolcim, represented by Dominique Büchi, Cherry Chan and Michael Scharpf

Industry Associations

  • BTB, represented by Andreas Tuan Phan

  • CSC, represented by Stefan van Uffelen

  • CSI, represented by Cristiana Ciaraldi

  • Federbeton, represented by Isabella Bussi and Michela Pola

  • THBB, represented by Didem Nur Bülbül, Asli Ozbora and Koray Sacliture

Certification Bodies

  • Kiwa, represented by Joost Korthof

  • SGS, represented by Eric Hoven

who helped developing the system via their contributions to the CSC’s Technical and Executive Committee and via providing their dedicated expertise and guidance


Civil Society Organisations

  • Bellona, represented by Ana Serdonen

  • Birdlife International, represented by Martin Hollands

  • Friends of Nature Lebanon, represented by Myrna Semaan

  • IUCN, represented by Maxime Eiselin

  • NE-PA - Indigenous Perspectives Manipur Cycle Club, represented by Ramananda Wangkheirakpam

  • WWF (The Netherlands), represented by Jorien van Hoogen

  • FFI Fauna and Flora International, represented by Anna Lyons

Labor Organisations

  • IG BCE and IG BAU, represented by Norbert Steinert


Green Building Councils

  • DGNB, represented by Anna Braune, Johannes Kreißig and Karin Sternsdorff



  • HTW Dresden, represented by Thomas Matschei

who, by means of their expertise and guidance, provided valuable input during the CSC’s Stakeholder Consultation Process.

The Concrete Sustainability Council would like to thank all contributors for their valuable input and in particular for their personal dedication and engagement throughout the whole development process of this new CSC-certification system version.